Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Solidarity with France after night of terror in Paris

La Marseillaise has been prominent in recent days as peoples across the world have showed solidarity with France after the terrorist murders in Paris.  

A YouTube video of the scene from the 1942 film 'Casablanca,' in which character Victor Laszlo (played by Paul Henreid) leads customers in Rick's Café bar, in singing an impromptu rendition of the French national anthem, La Marseillaise, in response to a group of Nazis who are singing the German national anthem.

La Marseillaise chantée par tout le stade de Wembley lors de France-Angleterre!

Wembley Stadium, London, prior to the start of the England-France friendly football game 17 Nov, 2015 — 4 days after 129 people were murdered in Paris in the worst terrorist attacks since the end of teh Second World War  


La Marseillaise (full, high quality) - Placido Domingo