Thursday, April 14, 2016

Irish Times returns to property porn in 2016 with fawning editorial

Ten years ago the Irish Times' Thursday property supplement typically comprised 60 pages — mostly of advertising at €10,000 to €15,000 per page and puff pieces on expensive properties.

We first published this article in 2006 when property porn was at its height in Ireland:

Global Survey 2006: Cost of comparable house in Dublin, Ireland, could buy 9 in Houston, Texas, 3 in Amsterdam, 2 in Sydney and Tokyo

In 2005, the Collins English Dictionary defined property porn as "a genre of escapist TV programmes, magazine features, etc showing desirable properties for sale, especially those in idyllic locations, or in need of renovation, or both."

Ever seen the nauseating 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' American television series that ended each episode with the grovelling host using the catch phrase "champagne wishes and caviar dreams"?

Ten years later after bubble and bust, The Irish Times newspaper is back in full flight with fawning editorial on expensive properties.

Today the main feature is titled 'Riverdance duo’s Howth home for €9.5m' with a strapline 'Moya Doherty and John McColgan, are downsizing. Their 9,000sq ft home is on the market (picture above).

Madeleine Lyons, property editor and special reports editor of The Irish Times, writes:

What’s prophetic is that the site they chose was one of the finest in the capital, and has only been enhanced since. This is reflected in the €9.5 million minimum asking price through Ganly Walters. Danes Hollow will be one of the best properties to come on the market in Dublin this year.

With further elegant homes in London, Manhattan and Martha’s Vineyard, Danes Hollow might be just another part of the couple’s portfolio, but it has that something special.

As the agent puts it: “Whoever buys this property doesn’t even know that they want it. It’s when they see it for the first time that they will know.”

What is part of the property porn genre is the bullshit or exaggerated lexicon of the property industry: so the couple of course have "elegant homes in London, Manhattan and Martha’s Vineyard" but because a place is expensive doesn't mean its elegant!

Property porn typically gives a reason why the property is put on the market and in the past The Irish Times has used "downsizing' as a reason when in fact the vendors were trying to settle bank claims — I'm not suggesting that this is relevant is this case but the fact is that the content is advertorial not objective information.

There are other properties of the rich/ well off that are featured today. Note again the bullshit lexicon used by the freelance writers.

Fishing rights and island included in Co Cork for €3.5m — A sensitive renovation and makeover, costing €2 million, makes this Georgian gem, on the banks of the Blackwater in Fermoy, one of the best of its type in Ireland

Modern drama with rural charm for €2.8m — This Co Meath house near Collon has been tastefully rebuilt and offers plenty of period features, while the extensive grounds are perfect if you – or your horse – like a bit of space

Edwardian elegance in Killiney for €2.8m — Extended in 1990, Steeplewood is a detached period house on beautiful gardens

Smart mix of old and new in Dalkey for €1.95m — Spacious home on Sorrento Road has new enclosed patio area at front of house

Donnybrook five-bed with oodles of potential for €1.4m — Bring your architect with you when you go along to view this one

Show-stopping gardens and seclusion on Sorrento Road for €1.35m — Secluded three-bedroom property with gardens as outstanding feature

A redesigned upside-down mews in Ballsbridge for €950,000 — Delightful town garden with giant ferns and evergreens, raised patio and spot lighting