Sunday, October 11, 2015

Limerick chartered accountancy firm using stolen Finfacts content

Plagiarism is common on the web and when a business firm takes the complete content of articles from the Finfacts website plus images, and presents it as its own, it's a bridge too far.

MacLoughlin & Company says it "is a small Chartered Accountancy Firm which specialises in Tax, accounting and business solutions to the Limerick area."

It has 209 articles in its website's news section and apart from Finfacts content, there are articles from several foreign sources including this week a complete piece on the sale of a Picasso painting that also appears in The Guardian newspaper with the byline: "Mark Brown Arts correspondent" — MacLoughlin & Company may have contracts with the foreign sources but it has none with Finfacts.

We have no problem with fair use of content with a hyperlink to the original source but in this case the full content that involved significant research, has been republished and is presented by the firm as its own. 

We have submitted a complaint to the Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board.

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