Sunday, May 25, 2014

California student gunman left chilling video before rampage

Before he set out on a rampage through the California seaside college town of Isla Vista on May 23, that ended with seven dead and 13 injured, suspected gunman Elliot Rodger (22) calmly laid out his plans online and said he was a virgin as girls had rejected him.

The video was posted on Youtube but was later removed.

The Wall Street Journal reports that investigators said Rodger was found dead in his vehicle with three handguns—two Sig Sauer 226 and a Glock 34, all purchased legally in California and registered to the suspect.

The Journal said Elliot Rodger, a Rodger family spokesman said Saturday, had a difficult time making friends. He had been diagnosed as a "high functioning Asperger's child" earlier in life, and was being treated by many mental health professionals, said Alan Shifman, a lawyer for Peter Rodger, the father of Elliot Rodger. Peter Rodger is a Hollywood director who worked as an assistant director on "The Hunger Games."