Tuesday, February 06, 2007

EU Commissioners on Car Carbon Emissions and Europeans: Let them eat Cake!

A European Commissioner considers showing example on greenhouse gases to the great unwashed!!

The EU has long been saying that cars should emit on average no more than 120g of CO2 per kilometre and on Wednesday, the target is to be reconfirmed.

In 1999, car makers agreed to aim for 140g/km by 2008 - a 25% reduction from the 1995 level of 185g/km - but had reached only 162g/km by 2005.

  • Fiat, Citroen and Renault have reduced CO2 emissions far more than VW, BMW and Volvo
  • Their success is partly due to selling more efficient diesel cars
  • Manufacturers say there has been "no clear demand" from consumers for fuel-efficiency
  • Some SUVs emit more than 360g of CO2 per kilometre
The European Automobile Manufacturers Association says that the automotive sector is a key industry for the European economy, with at least 12 million employees and their families depending on manufacturing, research and development of vehicles in Europe. Technologies developed by the automotive industry are often adopted by other sectors, including ICT and health care. The highly competitive car industry is fundamental to the economic strength of the European Union and safeguarding the future prosperity of its 500 million inhabitants.

The 27 European Commissioners are hardly the first politicians or a professional group that says do what I say but not what I do and this is really the serious point about sacrifice now for future generations.

Ireland's Charlie McMcCreevy has not signalled that he is will to trade-in his Mercedes S series car but the EU environment commissioner Stavros Dimas is in the hot seat as the lead policymaker on climate change issues.

Dimas is said to be looking at Toyota's Prius hybrid, as well as a higher-end Lexus hybrid made by the same company.

The betting is that he'll choose the Lexus - after all he's a VIP!

European Commission to announce C02 emission targets for European car industry this week