Sunday, January 17, 2010

Michael Hennigan Jnr returns to Philippines

Michael Hennigan Jnr, who is a Finfacts director, is returning to Ireland today with his girlfriend Jane Brownlee, after three weeks in the Philippines and Malaysia.

It was a magical trip for Michael to where he was born and adopted at the age of 10 months in 1986.

Michael commented on the work of Irish priest Father Shay Cullen (pictured above): "I was amazed and moved by the work he is doing, and has accomplished. He is completely on the ball regarding the media and is able to use his knowledge to make people listen. His PREDA organisation is doing very well with the connection with fairtrade."

Michael also met two remaining Irish priests in the main parish in Olongapo, Donal O'Dea and Fintan Murtagh. Father O'Dea also has responsibility for the descendants of the original settlers on the islands who are known as Aeta (black in Tagalog  -- the dialect of the main Philippine island of Luzon). They and the Aborigines in Australia, have a direct line with the first humans who left Africa and turned right towards Asia, 60,000 years ago.